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We treat your environment using state of the art technology and target dangerous microorganisms wherever they reside. 

Residential ProtectionCommercial Protection

Residential Prevention

No matter how much you clean, sanitize or disinfect hard surfaces, you cannot prevent re-soiling and re-contamination. Hard surfaces are continually exposed to everyday spills, splatters, dirt, grime, oil, residue and germ-containing organic and inorganic soil that keeps coming back.

Hard surfaces are porous and trap water/moister and soil, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria & germs. Conventional sanitizing and disinfecting methods provide a limited “One Time” Kill benefit without ongoing protection.

Purteq PREVNT continually cleans surfaces by damaging and decomposing surface contaminants* reduces re-soiling, re-contamination and prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew for up to 90 days.

Cleaning & maintaining surfaces with Purteq® keeps surfaces cleaner and more sanitary for improved surface hygiene and appearance.

We treat any and all interior surfaces safely and continuously. Our spray-on treatment is professionally applied to provide sustainable 90 day coverage to help prevent the spread of disease(s) and improve the cleanliness and quality of your home surfaces.

Commercial Prevention

We offer a complete office and warehouse cleansing and protection service designed to help “continually clean” surfaces for your employees and your customers.

We have been treating Businesses and Dealers since 2010 with our Revolutionary Titanium Dioxide Product.  PurTeq Combines the amazing ability of Titanium Dioxide with a proprietary Anti-Microbial embedded barrier coating.  Our coating resists removal by cleaning products allowing our TiO2 to unleash its scientific cleaning properties that make it popular in Hospitals and Operating Rooms the world over.

We can help to create aScientifically Advanced Cleanand healthier indoor environment by effectively applying our comprehensive Volatile Organic Compound Elimination System.  Contact us for a Quote Today!


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