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You disinfect all your high-touch surfaces regularly, but what happens the first time someone touches it after it’s been wiped down? Even the most proactive cleaning programs have time in between disinfection – PREVNT fits right in that gap. Water-based PREVNT is designed to help “continually clean” surfaces for up to 90 days after one application*.

Enhances FRESCHTM Effectiveness

PREVNT™ enhances the effectiveness of our EPA-registered disinfectant FRESCH™ by applying an active-barrier cleaner.

Long Lasting

Active cleaning without published negative repercussions of Quaternary Ammonium products.


Water-based formula, transparent and designed for a wide variety of everyday surfaces.

Lasts up to 90 Days

Designed to continually clean for up to 90 days, surfaces and the air of inanimate contaminants in between regular disinfecting with FRESCH™.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO)

TiO₂ nanotechnology is an active natural occurring oxide and is the key ingredient in PREVNT™. It has a wide range of applications, including as a paint pigment, sunscreen ingredient, and food additive.

*Cleans surface of inanimate organic matter and contaminants; use as directed; PREVNT™ is not a registered disinfectant.

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